Croc Juice Co. A BubbleGum Watermelon Vape Juice Story

Croc Juice Co. Dry wind, patchy lips, pain in your arms after an intense period of catching a dangerous reptile, and a craving want in the heart for something that can make your mind relax.

You might be thinking that I am talking about some drug that can kick you off your feet, but hey Man! There is more to life than doing drugs and munching on Doritos.

a croc hunter that needs bubble gum watermellon vape juice

Close your eyes and think about the muscular men catching crocodiles in the sculpted ground of Northern territory. I mean, yes, the sight is pretty hot as they sweat, but keeping these croc catchers in mind, CrocJuice is here to put a full stop on our dear croc catcher’s needs.

Whenever we see the people in the northern territory, something always makes them look harsh and quirky. You might have seen many flashing episodes of croc catchers on National geography. Still, to put it in reality – it is more life-threatening and risky when a unit of people tries to save people and crocodiles safely.

Just imagine Shaggy and Scooby as croc catchers in NT, that is literally the last thing I would want to witness.

Croc Juice Co. Croc Hunters

Our croc hunters as they play through their lives and literally snap out in the mouth of huge crocodiles, it is fair to say that these gentlemen are as tough as all the wrestlers in the world.

(I mean, what is worst? Fighting a human or a humongous crocodile).

Keeping their toughness in mind and the lack of calmness, love, and appreciation, Croc Juice has come up with a Bubblegum watermelon flavor juice to light everything up.

This flavor is specially made to tame down the rashness of the Northern Territory so that there is something which makes our croc catchers feel back at home.

One Two Three

On the count of three, you will tell me if you have ever imagined bubble gum and watermelon together like a flavor. 1, 2,3! I knew it. The flavor is highly induced with a refreshing splash of watermelon and the hint of that fruity bubble gum to make you feel like you are in a field of bubblegum watermelons.

When our croc catchers are done with fighting, tossing and turning and have caught those crocs. It is time that they get their well-deserving love by vaping through the flavor, which is the best to fit their needs in the Northern Territory.

A single puff of this flavor can make our croc catchers settle on a nice and sweet experience to brighten their day. You must be thinking that is a weird combination, but hey? The flavor is only as unique as the NT. Still wondering, well, I hope you quit sitting in front of your laptop screen and go on to these adventures and try it out.

If you aren’t a croc catcher and want to blow max smoke instead of wrestle, why not visit Value Vape Shop darwin and grab your Croc juice.





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