Croc Juice is a new brand of Vape Juice created to help you forget your hard Week of Croc Wrestling and put you in your mellow and happy place.

Using Distinctive flavours and an exact mix of ingredients it recreates the beautiful original taste time and time again. We hope you enjoy our Story.

Croc Juice Company
Croc Juice Co. Croc

Our Croc Juice Story…

The Croc Juice Company Technicians set off designing our range with crocs and croc hunters in mind. Our skilled team went to work following a simple set of instructions from our lead Creator Mike J Donday.

Mike’s instructions were.

Make Juices With Flavours of The North and make Juices For Crocodiles and the People That hunt Them

Mike J Donday

Well, our team is smart, damn smart. Still, they initially had trouble making a juice for a crocodile because crocodiles eat meat and rotting animals. We found it didn’t taste very nice.

Secondly, making juice for croc hunters is a tiny market. A maximum of ten people and it’s hard finding out what they like because they are either wrestling crocodiles or fighting in bars.

We hatched a devious plan to attach each of our flavours to croc traps all over the NT and find out exactly which characteristics caught the most crocs.

The Flavours That Worked The Best.

Using Special surveillance techniques and pinpoint analytics, we discovered the following proprietary information.

Crocodiles Like bubblegum and watermelon and croc hunters like energy drink flavours.

Our marketing and development team put this down to a variety of factors. Still, really only two were 100% proven without a doubt to be 100% factual.

  1. Water Mellon and Bubble Gum Taste better than rotten dead animals.
  2. Croc hunters like energy drinks, which help them wrestling crocodiles.

Results Of The Croc Cage Test proves Hypothesis.

Our techniques revealed crocodiles went to the cages with the bubblegum watermelon, and the Croc Catchers went to the cages with the energy drink flavours.

This created a massive problem because now the crocodiles and the catchers were in separate locations. This, in turn, meant they both missed out on the basis for the crocodile hunting business croc and croc hunter in the same place, wrestling to the Death.

The Croc Juice Co. Answer

After much arguing and many late nights, we finally convinced Mike to start production on the two most successful flavours.

So if you are looking to experience beautiful juice with bite, then you will want to get some from our Australian Distributors at Value Vapes Darwin.

They always have fresh bubblegum watermelon and energy drink juice in stock to help you join the croc hunt from the comfort of your vape stick.

If you have an idea you want created into croc juice ledgend contact us.